This project was initiated and lead by Dr Erminia Colucci, in collaboration with Dan Stojanovich and Keith De La Rue, who were supported by a small CCRAG grant from The University of Melbourne… and lots of passion!

Dr. Erminia Colucci’s fascination with cultures began during her undergraduate studies in Italy, continuing through her Postgraduate studies and fieldwork in Australia, Europe, India and Japan. She uses photography and film-documentary to visually (re)present and share what she explores in her writing as a scholar in Cultural Mental Health (Centre for International Mental Health, The University of Melbourne). In her work Erminia tries to engage with community using in-depth and  culturally-responsive methods, including arts-based/visual research methods.

Her photographs have been shown in the Museum of Norcia (Italy), Centre for Contemporary Photography, Sidney Myer centre and BSG Gallery (Melbourne). Her short-documentaries have been shown in Australia, Italy, Netherlands and Uruguay.

Erminia is the Chair of MWA (Multicultural Women in Arts), a nonprofit organization that supports women from multicultural backgrounds engaged in the arts.


Keith De La Rue is the principal consultant at AcKnowledge Consulting, where he works with clients in education, facilitation and project delivery in Knowledge Management, Communication, Learning and Social Media.

He has particular strengths in working with people and ideas in complex environments, and is a gifted speaker and communicator, having delivered presentations and facilitated workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia over the last 20 years.

Keith is a practitioner of the Art of Hosting: Conversations that Matter, Participatory Leadership, Open Space and is an accredited Cognitive Edge facilitator.  Keith is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators and Australian Mensa, and is an organiser of the Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum.

Twitter: @kdelarue

Here are some of our Project Partners:

Melbourne University

MWA Facebook site


Creative AsylumDan Stojanovich

AcKnowledge ConsultingKeith De La Rue

We would also like to thank Xiao Wang (Jenny), Judith Heron and the University of Melbourne International Services and The Couch (Salvation Army) for their contributions to this project.


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